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Apply, dry, instantly cure with ultra violet light, and USE THE SAME DAY! Low VOC formula with minimal odor.
Serving the Laramie and Cheyenne, WY region.

UVEECO UV finish for residential floors, floor pictured is in Sheridan, WY.

F-Series formula holds up to kids, pets, scratches, and heavy use. Exceeds LEED guidelines. Available in Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Satin.


UVEECO UV finish for gym floors, floor pictured in in Nebraska.

A2 Gymnasium finish is flexible, yet strong. Instant UV cure allows year-round application. 2-3 year average between re-coating. Available in Gloss.


UVEECO UV finish for commercial floors, floor pictured is in Cheyenne, WY.

UVEECO™ holds up to high traffic. Instant cure allows for minimal down time. Very durable, triple the life of your floor. F-Series available in Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Satin.



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  • Traditional wood floor finishes can take days (or more) to dry.

  • The smell from traditional finishes can linger for weeks.

  • Flooring companies are booked for months in advance.

  • Most floor coatings need to be refinished regularly.


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UVEECO™ wood floor coatings for homes, businesses, and gyms dries in hours and cures instantly when exposed to our specially calibrated ultra violet light machine. Our coatings and finishes have virtually no odor so there is no need for special ventilation equipment when refinishing your floor. We are able to service our customers more quickly than traditional floor refinishing companies since our installation time is so short. UVEECO™ coatings and finishes outlast traditional brands and are extremely long-lasting. UVEECO™ is the fastest and most environmentally friendly wood floor finish on the market. Learn more about wood floor refinishing on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Quickly installed water-based finishes for wood and Vinyl Chloride Tile (VCT) floors with superior shine. UVEECO™ is a one part system and needs no catalyst.

EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: Independent testing has demonstrated UVEECO™ UV finish to have superior dependability, lasting 2 -3 times longer than traditional finishes.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: UVEECO™ UV finish has a significantly lower VOC ( less than 85 g/l ) than other water-based finish ( between 250-350 g/l).

CURED INSTANTLY: UVEECO™ UV finish saves hours of down time. Fully curing finish this quickly only comes from Ultra Violet light. Traditional air dry finish averages over a week to cure 100%.

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UVEECO UV finished wood floors at the Big Brothers Big Sisters building in Laramie, WY.

Wood Floor Restoration Reviews

Uveeco restored the old, worn down gym floor in our 100 year old Big Brothers Big Sisters building and all we can say is wow! They did an absolutely beautiful job! No one would ever have guessed this is what was underneath all the years of wear and tear. The company and staff were wonderful to work with; very professional and courteous. They take great pride in their work, and even came back to redo a logo they were not 100% satisfied with. Our floors are gorgeous, and have held up incredibly well even with lots of daily hard use. We would definitely recommend Uveeco to anyone!

Johanna Eslinger

Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters



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  • UVEECO™ has VOC levels less than 85g/l compared to traditional products that have VOC levels near 350g/l.
  • Traditional coatings can take up to a week or more to fully cure, UVEECO™ is ready to use as soon as it is exposed to UV light.
  • Traditional Coatings are a two-part system and UVEECO™ is a one-part system.
  • Traditional Coatings require additional ventilation during installation and in most cases UVEECO™ does not.

Uveeco has its own mobile truck for refinishing wood floors and coating them with uv hardened light using its own onboard power source.

All UVEECO™ products have an ultra clear finish, non-yellowing formula, and high grease & stain resistance. UVEECO™ UV finish can be applied any time of year and the finish is easy to maintain. Be sure to ask about UVEECO Wood Floor Cleaner™ that is specially formulated for our UV cured wood floors.The very low odor is safe for ventilation systems and dissipates quickly. UVEECO™ is a division of Centennial Woods LLC , one of the largest reclaimed wood companies in the world.

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Uveeco has its own mobile truck for refinishing wood floors and coating them with uv hardened light using its own onboard power source.

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